Tunisian Politician: S. Arabia Biggest Supporter of Terrorism in Region

13921022000299_PhotoIA senior Tunisian politician blasted Saudi Arabia’s collaboration with the US and the Zionist regime in implementing their plots in the region, and described Riyadh as the main supporter of terrorist groups active in the regional states.
“Saudi Arabia is the main supporter of the terrorist groups in the region and the Saudi politicians and officials have many times acknowledged that,” Secretary-General of Tunisia’s al-Qad al-Moqawem Party Omar al-Shahed told FNA on Sunday.

“At present, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are behind the support for the terrorist groups in the region and they pursue common goals in this regard and seek to implement the US and the Zionist regime’s plots in the region,” he added.

Elaborating on the reason for Saudi Arabia to pursue terrorist goals in the region, Shahed said that Iran’s success in using the peaceful nuclear technology and its growing influence have incited Riyadh to go for options such as supporting terrorist acts to boost its clout to rival with Iran’s power in the region.

In relevant remarks earlier this month, analysts said that Saudi Arabia’s initiative in the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council summit for transforming the economic union of the PGCC to a narrow military unit is a new plan for confronting Iran’s growing power, adding that Riyadh is sacrificing Mideast security through its non-stop support for terrorists in a bid to escape the tides of Arab Spring.

“For two years before that, at the same (P)GCC summit in Riyadh, King Abdullah proposed the idea to make the Council, which includes monarchies of Arabia, in the military-political bloc, and with the inclusion of two other Arab countries with the monarchy – and Jordan Morocco,” Vladimir Alekseev said in an article for web site.

He said in previous PGCC summit, the kingdom’s aim was to protect itself from the wave of Arab and color revolutions, but this time Riyadh tries to form a coalition against the Islamic Republic of Iran, which received the disagreement of most member countries.

“Fearing that the normalization of US-Iranian relations and the strengthening of the authority of the government of the Shiite majority in Iraq will lead to a loss of the main strategic ally of the US in the (Persian) Gulf region, the Saudi leadership began feverishly to think about how to protect themselves long outlived Wahhabi regime of democratic change…,” Alekseev underlined.

He added that for Saudi Arabia there is nothing more important than its surviva,l and its officials do not care about the stability and security of other countries in the region, as they generously fund the extremists in Syria to topple the Syrian government.

Saudi Arabia and Israel are striving to push the US into war with Syria and Iran in a bid to weaken the Shiite power in the region.

“The Saudis, leaders of the Sunni Islamic bloc in the Middle East, want the United States to attack Syria to weaken the Shiite Syrian-Iranian axis – their arch rivals,” Ivan Eland said in an article for Antiwar.

That is why Saudi officials try to combine their finance resources with Israel’s lobby power in the US Congress and Administration as leverage to push the country towards attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities and also invading Syria.

“Although the Sunni Arab bloc and Israel are unfriendly to each other, they both share an interest in weakening the Shiite Syria-Iran axis. And they both want the United States to do their dirty work for them,” Eland said.

He added that besides the fact that the US public is exhausted with ever continuing military involvement in different parts of the world, any probable attack on Syria or Iran for the appeasement of Saudi Arabia and Israel would wreck havoc on the US national interests.

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