Turkey biggest loser in self-devastating Syria game: Political analyst

A political analyst says that Turkey is the greatest loser for taking part in the “self-devastating” anti-Syria game led by the West, Press TV reports.

“Now turkey knows that it’s the biggest loser because it is receiving the majority of the refugees that are coming out of Syria,” Political Analyst Sukant Chandan said during an interview with Press TV on Sunday.

According to the analyst, Turkey’s “unpopular foreign policy in relation to Syria,” as well as the “Kurdish problem” are contributing to the losses of Ankara.

Chandan said that Turkey’s attitude towards Syria is only working out for the Western military alliance NATO in the long run.

“Whose benefit is to this? All the benefit goes to NATO and its [Persian] Gulf allies.”

The analyst stated that Ankara’s main interest in stabbing its own neighbor in the back and aligning itself with Western positions is to gain entrance to the European Union (EU).

However, Chandan added that Turkey will never be allowed into the EU as the West is playing a game of white-imperialism.

He also said that NATO is using Ankara to destabilize the government in Syria, while “devastating Turkey as well”.

“So the West is playing a very clever game in relation to Turkey in devastating it for potentially rising in the future.”

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