Turkey put all its eggs in Muslim Brotherhood basket but…

Turkey concerns over power transform in Egypt

Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkish Foreign Minister, has called the country’s ambassadors in the Middle East to discuss the latest regional changes, including Egypt, in an emergency meeting in Ankara. Also It is claimed that top leaders of Ikhwan(Muslim Brotherhood) held a secret meeting in Istanbul.
According to Al- Watan News the International MB organization held a secret meeting in Istanbul and considered latest developments in Egypt.
The source that based the news on some Turkish sources claimed that many of MB top leader and some leaders of other Islamist groups were placed in a hotel near Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport nowadays.[http://www.islamicinvitationturkey.com/2013/07/15/egypt-it-is-claimed-that-top-leaders-of-ikhwanmuslim-brotherhood-held-a-secret-meeting-in-istanbul/]
Turkish cabinet had previously held an emergency meeting to discuss the changes in Egypt while Recep Tayyip Erdogan, receiving the news on resignation of Mohammad Morsi, returned from his holiday and called political and security authorities to attend an important emergency summit.

Up to now Turkey has stood against Egyptian army measure to resign Morsi. Repetition of its stance has forced Egyptian Foreign Minister to summon Turkish ambassador in Cairo to announce its opposition with the views of Turkish government and diplomatically warn Ankara against the negative impacts of its stances.

Here are two questions; first, what is the reason for negative stances of Turkey against Morsi resignation while many of Egypt’s western and Arab allies have accepted the event?
Second, to what extent will Turkey stress its opposite approach against the interim government in Egypt, resignation of Morsi government and disempowerment of Muslim Brotherhood?

In reply to the first question it is noteworthy to say Justice and Development Party, during the past years that Muslim Brotherhood movement was formed from popular uprisings in the Middle East Arab and Northern African countries, intended to create a new Ottoman Empire. To achieve the aim Turkey stepped on the former policy of Ahmet Davutoglu on preventing any border challenge with its neighbors to the point that it entered a clash with Syria.

In sum, the ruling Justice and Development Party, fully satisfied following the Arab Spring, put all its eggs in Muslim Brotherhood basket and hoped that it could apply its model in all revolutionized countries in a bid to play the role of the leadership for the newly formed governments.

Now, with a change in the regional approach of the US following substitution of Hillary Clinton by John Kerry, Turkey feels that its basketful of eggs has fallen down on the ground. Besides that since the political arena of Turkey is harassed with a division and the stances of the western countries, like Egypt, supports the opposition forces, Turkish authorities are concerned that the changes in Egypt would happen in the country; hence, they are fully vigilant of the situation.

In reply to the second question, it has to be mentioned that contrary to the sharply negative stances of Turkey against resignation of Morsi government, it has not taken any practical measure against Egyptian interim government.

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