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Turkey Strengthens Positions in Hama to Prevent Syrian Army’s Military Operations

 The Turkish army sent a military convoy to Northern Hama to reinvigorate its positions aimed at blocking the Syrian army’s operations in the province.

Media activists in Northern Syria reported on Thursday that a military convoy of the Turkish army, consisting of several trucks carrying prefabricated walls and checkpoint kiosks, arrived in Idlib through Kafr Lousin passageway at the Syrian-Turkish border.

They added that the convoy was then sent to the town of Murak in Northern Hama that is patrolled by Turkey, saying that the Turkish forces have strengthened their positions.

According to the report, the convoy entered Northern Hama after a number of Turkish officers held a meeting with commanders of the terrorist groups when they entered Southern Idlib.

Reports said on Tuesday that Turkey is creating a new “national army” that is composed of several Syrian terrorist groups.

According to the report, the initiative is meant to thwart the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) upcoming offensive in Idlib province, the AMN reported.

The new force will be allegedly composed of approximately 35,000 fighters from various militant groups across Idlib province, including the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Syria’s Liberation Front.

There was no mention regarding the future of the militants like Tahrir Al-Sham Hay’at and the Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP).

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