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Turkish Al-Qaeda’s Bloody hands are in Syria to destroy the country

Hurriyet, one of the prominent Turkish newspapers, reported that 50 turkish nationals including top al-Qaeda members are fighting against regime forces and many of them were killed in heavy clashes with Syrian army in Aleppo.

Adem Ozkose,the journalist abducted by unknown forces in Syria confesses that Turkey is fighting in Syria for the wishes and interests of US and Israel.

In the report the names of killed al-Qaeda members are given and the obvious support of Turkey to Syrian terrorists was revealed.

Adem Ozkose cited a Quran verse in his facebook account and named terrorists as ‘mujahids’.But he did not mention about ‘How can a mujahit fight against innocent people, commit brutal crimes, fight for the interest of Zionism.

In his facebook account, he also praises al-Qaeda terrorists targeting innocent people all over the world.

Different reports are stating that there are many Turkish officials including generals and terror group members captured by Syrian government in jails.

Turkish society now questions why Turkey is that involved in Syria unrest while It has internal severe attacks from PKK terror inside the country.

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