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Turkish Army Sends More Military Equipment to Borders with Syria


The Turkish Army has dispatched more heavy military equipment to its borderline with Syria’s Afrin, a news website affiliated to the terrorist groups reported on Sunday.

The website reported that the Turkish army has dispatched a large volume of heavy military equipment to the border region with Syria’s Afrin North-West of Aleppo province that is controlled by the Kurdish fighters.

According to the report, the Turkish army’s Howitzer cannons and tanks entered Kilis region at border with Syria in a military column along with six trucks, adding that the cannons are to de deployed near Afrin region.

Sources in al-Shahba region in Northern Aleppo reported on Thursday that a large cargo of light weapons and ammunition was sent through al-Ra’i border crossing towards the village of Sousian and then was transferred towards al-Bab region in Northern Aleppo.

The sources added that the cargo was delivered to several militant groups affiliated to Sultan Morad terrorist group.

Turkey sent its military into Syria in August last year to prop up local militias allied with Ankara against ISIL and Kurdish forces. The confrontation with Syrian Kurd militias, which Turkey considers an off-shoot of the Turkish-based militant movement Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), put Ankara at odds with the US.

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