Turkish government appoints Wali (governor) over the Syrians

50f2aaedef3aeThe Middle East Newspaper says that the Turkish government has appointed Faisal Yalmaz as “Wali (governor) of the Syrians” to control their affairs.

This operation express the return of the ottomani emperor that was appointing the magistrates over Sham countries, what provoked the grudges of “some” Syrian opponents who saw that it is unsuccessful because it resembles the Turkish states system.

The Syrian Opposition National council, that was formed in Istanbul city the capital of Turkey under the government of Erdogan protection, has praised this step.

The Turkish state sources claims that this step is logistic, where the new Wali has been put in his office in the Turkish city Gazi Antab which is near to the border of Syria as Wali of Syrians.

Turkey considers as one of the most countries which interferes directly in the Syrian crisis.

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