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Turkish media also called Chavez death suspicious

cancerFollowing Russian and Iranian official expressing reservation about the death of Hugo Chavez, Turkish media have also reported the likely involvement of the US in simultaneous cancer infection of six Latin American leaders.
Following the statement by the president of the Russian Communist Party, regarding the abnormality of the six Latin American leader cancer infection and further investigation request into his death, and also request by Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman to investigate the matter further, Turkish media called the Chavez death suspicious.

‘Vatan’, Turkish newspaper, in a report entitled “Is this an accident” wrote: “how is it that leaders of six Latin American countries who are all opposed to the US policies were diagnosed with the same disease (cancer) simultaneously?

The ‘Sabah’ newspaper also wrote about this: “the death of Chavez and 5 other Latin American leaders suffering from cancer have created doubts about the US.”

Turkish media stressed about the need to address this issue in the international community and to start an international investigation regarding this issue, even if it is just an “allegation” about what might have happened.

Hugo Chavez, late Venezuelan President, had long suffered from cancer and died at the age of 58.

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