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Turkish military sends convoy to Idlib, builds new base in Aleppo

The Turkish military has increased their presence in the Idlib and Aleppo governorates this week, as the ceasefire established in Moscow earlier this month comes apart.

According to reports from northwestern Syria, the Turkish military sent in reinforcements and equipment to their forces in northwestern Idlib and western Aleppo, with some claims of a new base established in the latter.

The reports specified that the Turkish military established a new base in the western Aleppo town of Al-Jinah, which is currently under the control of the militant forces.

At the same time, Turkish military vehicles were seen carrying personnel and equipment to the Idlib front, which has witnessed an increase in hostilities over the last few days.

It appears the ceasefire will likely end by April, as all warring parties continue to trade attacks in southern and eastern Idlib.

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