Turkish people oppose war against Syria


A political analyst tells Press TV that Turkey has invited trouble for itself, it has re-ignited its conflict with the Kurds and it has plunged itself into the possibility of re-igniting a civil war as well as becoming hostile to Syria.

The comments came after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad accused Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government of supporting “terrorism” in the region. Erdogan’s government “supports terrorism, extremism and destabilization in the region,” AFP quoted Assad as telling a delegation of Turkey’s mainstream opposition Republican People’s Party in Damascus on Thursday.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Randy Short, from the Dignity, Human Rights and Peace Organization, to further discuss the issue. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: What does this say essentially about what the Turkish people feel really about Syria when you know a Turkish opposition group actually visits Syria to hold discussions with President Assad?

Short: Turkish people are completely against this war, an excess of eighty five percent. The Turkish people know what it is like for their country to be invaded back in the time of Mustafa Kemal [Ataturk] where the Greeks and the Russians and everyone attacked their country trying to dismember it like what is happening to Syria. So there is some solidarity there.

In addition to that I think some of the savvy, politically savvy as well as intellectuals and human rights activists understand that what Erdogan’s government is doing is violating principles one through six of the Nuremberg principles, they are violating them.

And right now their Head of State as well as also Saudi Arabia and Qatar who are attacking the people in Syria are war criminals and they need to be treated as such and so the people of Turkey are to be commended that they are showing solidarity with the heroic people of Syria who do not want to be a proxy state under the thumb of the imperialist powers.

And in addition to that it shows that the Turkish people as I predicted some months ago would turn on this government of Erdogan when they could be doing things for their own country at home and they are trying, this guy wants to be an honorary white toady to the people in the European Union and he is willing to destroy his country’s relationship with their Muslim brothers.

The people of Turkey are to be commended and principle five and six, I mean crimes against peace, war crimes, crimes against humanity we have three governments that are guilty and it is time to see the ICC prosecute someone other than African dictators who are no longer useful to the United States or Britain or France. That is how I feel about it.

Press TV: Does that mean essentially that the Turkish government is inviting trouble for itself?

Short: It invited trouble for itself, it has re-ignited its conflict with the Kurds, it has ignited an issue with the Alawite people who identified with the Alawite in Syria. I mean it was stupid, it was an ignorant move.

Turkey had just come out of a lot of economic problems that was in before, for it has plunged itself into the possibility of re-igniting a civil war as well as to become hostile with a country that would be made a failed state if these Jihadi Salafi killers somehow take state power in Syria, that would destroy Turkey. What you do to your neighbor in evil will return to you.

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