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Tweet: Saudi Forces Had no Role in Preventing Bomber from Dammam Mosque

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The Saudi tweeter aka “Mujtahed” said on his account on Friday that the Saudi security forces had no role in preventing the suicide bomber from storming the Dammam mosque during Friday prayers.

“The bomber was blocked from entering the mosque (in Dammam) by the so-called Popular Committees formed of Shiite residents, and the official security forces had no role in that,” Mujtahed wrote.

“The trouble of the war in Yemen and the security failure in East of the country forced a number of senior ruling family to think seriously to impose the reign of Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz and the removal of the current administration,” he added.

“Before the demise of King Abdullah, those families were reassured that (King) Salman will appoint (Prince) Ahmad as crown prince because he promised him. Then they were surprised by the appointment of (Prince) Moqren and removing him later,” the activist went on to say.

“A lot of debates followed that in the corridors of the ruling family, but no one dared to talk about the subject in the presence of the king, fearing that they might be accused of causing disputes within the family,” Mujtahed concluded.

Moreover, Mujtahed repeated a tweet by “Youth of Holy Shrines Coordination” that talked about “Mohammad bin Nayef’s inability to protect the security of the nation at home and the inability of Mohammad bin Salman to protect the borders of the homeland from the Houthi shelling: This is the outcome of a state governed by a king who is Alzheimer’s patient,” the tweet read.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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