Two Correspondence Channels between US and Syria over Striking ISIL

US Strikes ISIL

More than a single contact took place during the last couple of weeks between Syria and the United States concerning the confrontation of ISIL’s expansion as well as fighting it in the battlefield. Well-informed western sources reported in this context that the United States and Syria have opened correspondence channels between each other via Iraq and Russia. Both parties communicated more than once during the last two weeks, in which they exchanged information regarding the places where ISIL exists and where it is powerful, according to the same sources.

The same sources claim that ISIL’s danger involved the United States in the war of returning to the Middle East through wide military gates, after leaving Iraq in 2011 and taking cautious stances of any military intervention in the Middle East after its intervention in the war against Libya. Russian and Chinese stances in the Security Council alleviated the American efforts for an aerial intervention in Syria, especially with Gulf and some European motivation to involve America in a war against Syria.
Western sources also say that ‘Israel’ is really confused about the existence of ISIL cells in several Jordanian cities and regions, adding that ‘Israel’ had submitted to some western and regional countries satellite photos of ISIL spots in both Syria and Iraq.

In a different context, French MP Gérard Bapt, Head of French-Syrian Friendship Committee in the French parliament said that the French President François Hollande noted in a meeting with some MPs on the eve of visiting Iraq that Iran will be invited to attend the International Conference on Iraq that will be held on Monday the 15th of September. Nevertheless, Friday morning, on September 12, close sources to the French ministry of interior reported that inviting Iran has not been determined yet, and it is still being discussed with the allies.

On their part, Syrian opposition sources stated that Qatar had decided to stop funding the Syrian Opposition Coalition starting next October. The well-informed sources added that the Qataris informed the coalition that the current September will be the last month for funding them. Same sources mentioned that also Germany will stop funding the coalition under Berlin’s condition to clarify privileges between the opposition coalition and the previously formed government, and since this government has been dissolved and the opposition members haven’t reached any agreement yet concerning the formation of a new government, then Germany will stop its funds to the Syrian opposition.

Syrian opposition sources reported that Turkey refused the entry of Ahmad al-Jarba, former president of the Syrian opposition coalition to Istanbul, due to the disagreements that are storming the relationships between Saudi Arabia on the one hand, and Turkey and Qatar on the other.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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