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Two glorious representative of Qur’anic School in our age. Being complementary successor of one another. One is Ustad Bediüzzaman Said Nursi and the other one Imam Khomeini who was the forerunner of ‘Islamic Era’ and fearful dream of imperialist powers and the idol-breaker The Leader of Ummah Rohollah Mousawi Al- Khomeini. Their abundant and blessed lives have in common and resembles in many ways. These two Wonders of Islam had sacrificed their whole life to Allah’s way and serving Islam. They had never followed any other wishes apart from these aims. They were the two sides of the same mirror reflecting the same goals. We can define the similarities of these glorious heroes of Islam as follows:

  • Both Ustad and Imam(r.a) had been in Islamic struggles from the beginning  their whole time passed with Islam and never ever been for a moment in a case which is out of Islamic ideology .
  •  Both did not go to the school of the non- Islamic ruling systems and never took those government’s educational system. They never carry any sings of those non- Islamic cultures on their souls. Both of them were strictly bounded to the ‘Wahy’( divine revelation) culture and being with it.
  •  Both represented Islamic outlook with their Islamic clothes, turban, Islamic robe etc. never wore any non- Islamic fashion clothes or carried any of its signs.
  •  Both Ustad and Imam never accepted any official position from governments and they completely lived totally free with their dignity.
  • Both had the principal of the construction of Iman (faith) and an Islamic Government System embracing the society. They were not fixed to non essential or baseless ideas.
  • Both did not start their divine action by founding any official parties, unions nor any official communities. Their main principle was to take their steps in ‘secret’ and ‘community’ and they never accepted any enemy’s compromises about their manifesto, they had never made any reconciliations with taghutic( satanic) powers, they were always under oppression and pressure of the ruling tyrants.
  • Late Ustad adopted non-salafist ideology( logic without Islamic lore), He took wisdom as the basic motto. Late Imam Khomeini also reached the peak of the same Path. Also their viewpoints of Wahdat-ul Vajood and similar  aspects were so close to one another. While Late Imam Khomeini was one of the last and important rings of Ahlul Bayt School, Late Ustad Said Nursi was also the member of the same school and accept that school as profession and pursuit.
  • Both occupied themselves with ‘ilm ladun( the special knowledge from Allah’s Presence and unseen or knowledge of mysteries), Their taqwa, zohd, weraa( further degrees of taqwa) and wisdom appeared perfectly.
  • Being with society, they both had a good understanding of people’s ideas and had pity for them. Their main targets were especially taghutic ( oppressor) systems.
  • 1960 was the year Late Ustad passed away and it was also the time that Imam Khomeini( r. a) practically stood against Shah Regime. He implemented the long- term divine program publicly and gave clear declaration against Shah. That was the year when Imam Khomeini started to perform all these glorious actions depending on a program.
  • Both had lived 87 years and spent their whole fruitful life in the straight way of Allah.
  •  It is clearly seen that late Ustad Bediüzzaman Said Nursi and Imam Khomeini’s ( r. a) parallelism and similarities of viewpoints about ‘ Islamic Brotherhood’ ‘Wahdat’, ‘Ittihad ( Unity)’, ‘Islamic Goverment’, ‘United Islamic Republics’ were the same. And so forth…

The endless Mercy and Salvation of Allah be upon the Late Ustad Bediüzzaman Said Nursi and Imam Khomeini( r. a). May they rest in peace.
This article was published in Turkish ‘DAVET MAGAZINE’ issue of April 1990.

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