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UK media impose blackout on Occupy LSX

Occupy London supporters, who are marking two months since the birth of their movement against capitalism, have once again received a total media blackout in Britain.

Occupy London Stock Exchange activists who designated December 15 as a national day of creative non-violent direct action, have been promoting an “occupy everywhere” campaign to express their opposition to the false economic policies imposed by the British government.

They are urging the government to make changes to their fiscal strategies and create a better society for the public.

However, on the national day of action for the occupy movement, the British media imposed an apparently pre-planned blackout on the key movement that has been calling for financial justice and real democracy across the country.

It is believed that the occupy everywhere campaign against the UK’s financial injustice is intentionally ignored by the UK media.

One Occupy LSX supporter said that it is time to Occupy everywhere in Britain, as all over the world people are standing up to show their outrage adding “the crises of unregulated finance, broken democracy, and corrupt institutions will not be solved by those who caused them.”

Scores of masked and face painted LSX activists gathered outside St Paul’s Cathedral on Thursday in a bid to occupy the city, minds, and the streets, in line with the belief that they “started by occupying spaces to build communities. Now it’s time to occupy everywhere.”

“Our democratic system is corrupted by the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a few at the expense of the many. Global citizens are resisting this structure. We know those who caused the financial crisis will not be working towards solutions — we are the solution,” the activists said.

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