UK putting off international students

UK putting off international studentsAnalysts claimed Britain has put off thousands of international students coming to Britain to study, as official figures revealed hike in immigration from the EU, but a fall from other nations.

According to Press TV, as voters took to the polls in European and local elections, the Office for National Statistics revealed some 201,000 EU citizens immigrated to the UK in the year ending December 2013, a “statistically significant” rise on the 158,000 the previous year.
The figures are dismal for David Cameron, having promised both to reduce net migration to below 100,000 and to attract international students from countries such as China and India.
Net migration – the difference between migrants leaving and arriving in the UK – rose to 212,000 in the period, from 177,000 the previous year.
Many analysts drew attention to a drastic drop in what is believed to be the number of international students. The number of non-EU citizens immigrating to the UK dropped to 249,000 in the same period, from 260,000 the previous year, due to fewer New Commonwealth citizens – such as those from India – arriving to study.
Of the EU citizens arriving in Britain, most were from pre-2004 EU countries like Spain, Italy and Portugal, up from 85,000 in the previous year.

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