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UK Times: Saudi Threatens Our Security, Should Not Buy Our Silence


The British newspaper, Times, warned in an article published on Wednesday against the support that Saudi Arabia grants to the terrorist groups, addressing the readers, “Saudi Arabia’s wealth should not buy our silence; its funding of terrorists threatens our security.”

The writer, Roger Boyes, stressed that although Saudi Arabia remains a good customer for British weaponry, referring to settling the pricing dispute on the latest batch of Typhoon jets, good customers do not always make good allies.

He added, “Saudi money tops up the coffers of insurgents in Syria and Iraq. Saudi terrorists easily outnumber fighters from other foreign countries; there are at least 1,200 Saudi terrorists in the field, and perhaps as many as 2,000.”

“Saudi Salafi preachers are encouraging young men (in Britain and throughout Europe) to take up arms against Shia Muslims and unbelievers. We worry about British ‘jihadis’ but it is Saudis.”

Boyes concluded his article, “Saudi Arabia became our ally because it guaranteed the oil that kept our economies moving. Now its actions are destabilizing Iraq, which has the world’s second largest oil reserves.”

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