Ukrainian court bans Russian TV broadcast

7e7a51c9610dce665a5be15b6b7363a1_LThe majority of Ukrainian providers have stopped broadcasting four main Russian TV channels in a move the Russian Foreign Ministry calls a violation of international obligations and an attack on media freedom.

According to RT, the ministry’s commissioner on human rights Konstantin Dolgov told RIA Novosti, “It certainly can be considered only in terms of the an attack on democratic freedoms, and a violation of international obligations by Ukraine.”
Dolgov says that Kiev’s court decision to ban Russian TV content violates every right to watch television and have access to media in Russian.
On Tuesday, Kiev District Administrative Court ruled to suspend the broadcasting of four Russian channels in Ukraine for the duration of the legal proceedings. The lawsuit is expected to be considered later this week.
The Ukrainian media watchdog claims that Russian information content is “threatening Ukraine’s national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity, promoting war, violence, cruelty, spreading interethnic and racial hostility, encouraging religious strife, encroaching on human rights and freedoms.”

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