Video- Unidentified UAV Shooed Away from No-Fly Zone in Tehran



People in Western Tehran panicked after they heard multiple anti-air gunfire this afternoon.

People in the Iranian capital heard dozens of anti-air cannon shots fired from several air defense units in Western Tehran minutes ago.



Early reports said the anti-air cannons deployed at Tehran university (that hosts the weekly Friday Prayers on its campus) and several other units fired multiple shots at an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.



Videos show that the UAV was targetted by the constant fire of several anti-air defense units deployed mainly in Western and Southwestern Tehran.



Tehran’s Governor Issa Farhadi said that the UAV was flying in the no-fly zones in Tehran. “It is not yet clear to whom the UAV belonged, but it wasn’t a military drone and was a quadcopter.”

Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base Lieutenant Commander General Alireza Elhami said that a very light helicam came under fire by the anti-air defense units in western Tehran and was forced to leave the No-Fly zone after several warning shots.

The incident today came after a similar development last month when Iran’s air defense units shot down a drone in Central Tehran as it approached the offices of the president and the supreme leader, but the unmanned aircraft later appeared to have been operated by a film crew shooting aerial footage for a documentary.

Residents in central Tehran heard loud gunfire and an explosion, they said on social media.



News agencies in Iran quoted unnamed sources as saying that the drone that was shot down last month “approached the no-fly zone” near the office of the supreme leader.

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