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Unity conf. makes people listen to each other: London university Professor



Associate Professor of Comparative Religious studies in London, Ayman Yacoub in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) at the sideline of the 30th International Islamic Unity Conference hailed the attempts made World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought in the realm of unity.

Pointing to the achievements unity related seminars and conferences have gained, the religious thinker pointed out, “Such conferences can bring people together, they make people listen to each other, not about each other.”

“A lot of conceptions that we have about other people have gotten clarified here,” underscored Yacoub expressing hope that religious thinkers use this opportunity to know each other better and come up with ways for uprooting disunity and dispersion in the World of Islam.

“Unity related events and conferences bring people together; make them ask a question that they may not ask when they read an article or listen to video programs about other people,” mentioned the Associate Professor of Comparative Religious studies in London.

According to him, the 30th International Islamic Unity Conference and its similar event could provide an amicable milieu for clerics, religious thinkers and scholars to treasure their relations and become each other’s friends.

“This conference brings Muslims from different society and religious sects together and make them understand better each other,” highlighted the Associate Professor of Comparative Religious studies in London.

“I think this was a great opportunity that great scholars and thinkers from all over the world gather and try to understand better the issues they are dealing with,” highlighted London university professor stressing the chance provided for Muslims should be grabbed for braving the current problems and setbacks they are facing with.

“I hope the fruits of this conference go beyond the knowledge that we applied here and go into application in our world and solve some of the problems on which this conference focused,” stressed the religious cleric.

Ayman Yacoub demanded clerics, religious leaders and thinker to take practical steps in the realm of unity and solidarity stressing, “I think unity is an idea, so you need more of thinking and talking about this issue.”

“I think such event should be held in other countries,” pointed out the religious thinker stressing clerics should come to an agreements and events like the 30th International Islamic Unity Conference let religious leaders assure all people are still in the same page.

“This way and strategy makes us sure that thing are going well as they are expected,” noted Associate Professor of Comparative Religious studies in London.

“Gathering people from different places, difference areas and from different culture, society and sects of Islam will unify Muslims and bring unity that this conference was established to bring,” concluded Ayman Yacoub.

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