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UNSC resolutions on Iran, valueless

Malaysia’s deputy speaker of the House of Representatives Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar expressed his full support for the peaceful nuclear activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, calling the resolutions of the UN Security Council as illegal and valueless.

In a meeting with IRI Minister of Education Hamid-Reza Haji-Babayi in Kuala Lumpur, Jaafar said: “Malaysia’s Parliament has always opposed the West’s sanctions and double standards against the Islamic Republic of Iran and will continue its support for Iran’s nuclear activities.”

Malaysia’s deputy speaker of the House of Representatives regarded talks as the only solution for the nuclear dispute, criticizing America’s and Western countries’ double standards regarding the world’s political developments.

Haji-Babaie for his part, berated the United Nations Security Council for passing anti-Iran resolution.

IRI Minister of Education said that the UN Security Council was pursuing double standards in the international community by imposing new sanctions on Iran.

Haji-Babaie said the Western countries were not satisfied with progress of Islamic countries.

Referring to Iran-Malaysian longstanding cooperation, he said that the Islamic Republic of Iran was willing to boost mutual ties in all arenas.

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