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‘Untraceable’ Iranian weaponry invisible to enemy eyes

The Commander of Iran’s Ground Forces says Iran has managed to become self-sufficient in manufacturing weapons that are not detectable by the enemies.

“The Ground Forces are using all their power to develop innovative ‘untraceable’ weapons and we have become completely self-sufficient in manufacturing weapons that could not be detected by the enemies’ reconnaissance systems,” Fars news agency quoted Brig. Gen. Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan as saying.

He noted that the “transformation plan” being implemented in the Ground Forces has led to the self-sufficiency in different fields, including electronic and communication warfare.

Unmanned drones, capable of countering the enemies’ up-to-date equipment, have been the center of attention in the “transformation plan”.

The Iranian commander said that the Ground Forces have developed state-of-the-art “remote-controlled” equipment that could turn the battlefield into a “vast minefield” for the aggressors.

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