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US activists in Oklahoma City call for ‘No War On Iran’

A group of American activists are seeking to prevent a military attack against Iran by installing three billboards in Oklahoma City, reading ‘No War on Iran.’

The activists from the group Americans Against the Next War (AANW) announced the billboards and their locations at a news conference on July 10 at the State Capitol in Oklahoma City.

They also introduced the coalition of churches, organizations and individuals that support the project.

Director of the Peace House in Oklahoma City Nathaniel Batchelder said the billboards show that voices for peace and negotiations are now crucial to the process of resolving issues with Iran.

“A war with Iran would raise world oil prices, reverse our fragile economic recovery, and plunge the US into further debt,” Batchelder said.

Oklahoma City philanthropist and human rights activist Bob Lemon said, “I oppose war. I see men and women dying, children losing arms, legs, and eyes, and I oppose another war.”

Meanwhile, Rev. Bruce Prescott, Executive Director of Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists criticized the powers for turning a blind eye to nuclear weapons in Israel and focusing on Iran, which does not have any nuclear weapons.

“Frankly, I am opposed to nuclear weaponry in any nation’s arsenal. As long as the world turns a blind eye to nuclear weapons in Pakistan and Israel, it is hypocritical to be alarmed about the possibility that Iran might acquire them. We need to be working for the nuclear disarmament of all nations,” Prescott argued.

AANW says the public voices calling for war are ill-advised, urging Congress and the American public to carefully examine the motivations and arguments behind calls for military action.

“War has profound consequences to our economy and families not felt by media pundits and Hawks in Congress whose bellicose words can make war sound like a reasonable option,” Batchelder said.

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