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US activities showing deep support for ISIL: Analyst

800px-us_navy_050816-n-9563n-006_new_chief_petty_officer_cpo_selectees_perform_morning_colors_on_board_naval_support_activity_nsa_bahrain1-320x208Press TV has conducted an interview with Gordon Duff, an editor at Veteran’s Today, from Ohio, about the US sending advisory troops to Iraq amid a terror crisis in the Middle Eastern country.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Tell us what you think about this announced US strategy when Obama says that targeted and precise military action will be taken, but no combat troops. What does that imply?

Duff: Some of the things we are hearing would make sense and should make sense, but we wonder how Obama is being advised on this.

The discussions he had about intelligence, surveillance and reconnasense, the US runs 24 passes a day of high resolution ISR satellite past Iraq already; the US maintains not only AWAC surveillance, but extensive drone high level surveillance over the entire Middle East on a daily basis and has since the Syrian war began years ago. And this covers this region.

I was in meetings with Iraqi officials over ISR capabilities in January. We know for certain that the US was aware that the ISIS was moving against Mosul; we were aware that the US knew exactly where their weapons were coming from – not through Turkey, but they were being shipped by the Saudis through the Gulf of Aqaba, through Jordan by train and that fighters were being brought in mass through Israel. There was no other way for this to be done.

So, the US claims we’re making that we’re only aware now that any of this happened is very false. We watched all of this happen and we watched all of it happen with full complicity of US allies. Now we’re acting as though we’re surprised, there’s something extremely disingenuous about this.

Press TV: When President Rouhani was asked about Iran’s role, to talk with the United States on this to try to resolve the situation and help the current crisis Mr. Rouhani also said that we have to see action by America against the ISISL militants or against terrorism in the region so that we could trust that the United States is actually genuine and honest about its efforts to fight terrorism in the region.

And a lot of people are blaming the US, as you just suggest there, for the spread terrorism in Syria now to Iraq, but at this point Iraq is calling on America for help assisting with air strikes – Do you think the United States however now, just forgetting about its role before this, is genuinely interested in tackling the issue of terrorism in Iraq?

Duff: As strange as this sounds I spent much of today reviewing this same subject with US military intelligence leaders and we had received information yesterday that weapons that the US had slated for destruction in Afghanistan have been shipped through Saudi Arabia through the Gulf of Aqaba.

Weapons that closely resemble many of those that were supposedly seized in Mosul are being shipped by the US to the ISIS.
Our concern here was that if you hear what President Obama is saying it almost makes one wonder if President Obama is entirely aware of what some sectors in the US are doing and if it isn’t quite possible that US intelligence agencies or private military contractors may very well be working against what the White House has stated as reasonable aims.

Obama sounds quite genuine and reasonably rational in what he says but he seems very poorly informed compared to those of us who know the area well and are watching what goes on are seeing.

We’re seeing US involvement deeply in support of ISIS – training, supply, continued supply of this group. We’ve been uncovering them by silencing… certainly signals intelligence the US receives tracks everything the ISIS does and we have a very broad capability as does Israel and Saudi Arabia that covers the entire Middle East.

And we wonder whether President Obama I being carefully informed and that maybe the Iranian president is aware of something there that President Obama may very well not be aware of.

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