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‘US banks trying to undermine Islamic Awakening’


Zionist-controlled banks in the US are trying to “undermine the Islamic Awakening” by throwing American Muslims in a psychological cycle of passive inactivity, an American political commentator says.

A number of banks in the US have closed the accounts of some Muslim customers without any explanation. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) believes the move is linked to racist policies by the US government and has brought a complaint to the Justice Department.

Kevin Barrett, the founding member of Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance, said in a phone interview with Press TV on Wednesday that the banks are “trying to undermine the Islamic awakening worldwide by creating learned helplessness in Muslims.”

Barrett who runs American Freedom Radio explained that Martin Seligman, a psychologist who invented learned helplessness, “is an extremist Zionist professor of psychology, and has been given no-bid contracts by the US military as part of its campaign to induce learned helplessness in Muslims.”

Seligman’s theory is “applying negative stimuli or torture to a person … in kind of a random way, so the person or animal cannot escape the unpleasant stimuli,” said Barrett.

“What Seligman found was when he tortured dogs in this way was that eventually the dos just lie down and didn’t even make any effort to change their situation. So that’s how you can defeat someone in a psychological warfare as by creating this feeling of learned helplessness.”

“That’s what they have been doing to Muslims; randomly disappearing and torturing Muslims for no reasons.”

Almost everyone in Guantanamo “is completely innocent” and “just randomly picked up,” he said.

“And they have been randomly attacking and killing Muslims all over the world and giving Muslims the message that Muslims can’t do anything about this.”

Barrett mentioned the random closing of US bank accounts with Muslims names and said “This once again is not strategizing to trying to do anything about any particular Muslim financial activity. What they are trying to do is to say we can do anything we want to Muslims and you can’t stop us.”

The best response by Muslims, he continued, would be “to get proactive and to show that yes we can do something about this, to fight back and protest as CAIR is doing. Also Muslims ought to boycott banking in general and put their money in credit unions rather than banks. The banking system is controlled by the Zionists.”

Barrett called on Muslims to stop using US banks and feeding the financial system created by Zionists and designed “to enslave all of humanity, not just Muslims.”

“Muslims need to wake up and stop just trying to go along with things and to accept whatever mistreatment is dealt out to them. Muslims need to get proactive and basically non-violently wage war against this evil banking system.”

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