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US, biggest nuclear threat to world: Ken O’Keefe


The United States poses the biggest nuclear threat to the world, former US Marine Ken O’Keefe tells Press TV in an interview.

“There is clearly no bigger threat to the safety and security of this world than the United States of America,” O’Keefe said on Wednesday.

He said that the threat came from the US “unaccounted” nuclear weapons, adding, “The first nation that needs to disarm is the United States, but they’re not going to do so willingly.”

“The United States has clearly been the biggest purveyor of weapons of mass destruction. It has been producing more of them, it has been using more of them and it considers itself to be the policeman of the world,” said O’Keefe.

He warned that the US would not hesitate to use its nuclear weapons “in first strike capacity against states that it perceives to be a threat to itself or to its allies.”

“It pains me to realize that the people of the United State have allowed their government to be hijacked long ago and effectively carry out policies, which benefit nobody, not even the American people; and ultimately which threatens a third world war,” O’Keefe stated.

He said it would be “beyond ridiculous” to see Washington agree to get “involved in any kind of disarmament discussions” because of its stockpiles of secret weapons.

“We as human being face the ultimate destruction of our planet every single day that this system persists,” said O’Keefe.

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