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US, EU allow Israel policy of creeping genocide

US, EU allow Israel policy of creeping genocide

An interview Rodney Shakespeare, political analyst and commentator in London, about Noam Chomsky’s statement that the US cannot act as mediator in Israel Palestine talks because it is not neutral.
US, EU allow Israel policy of creeping genocide Question: How hopeful and optimistic are you; and can we be about these upcoming talks?

Shakespeare: Well they’re not talks. They’re just an opportunity to crush Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian cause.

Look at who is there? John Kerry’s representative is Martin Indyk – someone who worked for AIPAC for years who is a Zionist. Look who isn’t there? Hamas, which has a huge democratic mandate. They are not there.

Look at the situation with the OSLO Accords where there were 150,000 settlers in the occupied territories. There is now 600,000 and only three days ago it was announced that another 40,000 Bedouin were going to be just kicked out.

You’ve got a creeping genocide and the only purpose of these talks is to delay yet more and more and to create what are called more facts on the ground, that is to say more settlements.

Now I’ve got something to say here. Somebody should say to Israel, what is the border that you propose in these negotiations? And you won’t get an answer because the truth is that Zionist Israel is an expanding entity and therefore it cannot say where any border will be until it gets to its ultimate aim, which is to be in Syria, write the way through Lebanon, down to the Nile and across the River Euphrates.

As regards Europe and Lebanon, look at what’s happened in the last three days – Those idiots in Europe listed Hezbollah and therefore have given Israel the chance to attack Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

Noam Chomskly I’m afraid is wrong on this. Europe has sold out to the Zionists and has given the opportunity to Israel to attack Hezbollah. And Hezbollah is the one group, which has actually fought al-Qaeda.

This madness comes about because the USA and I’m afraid Europe is always allowing Zionist Israel on this policy of creeping genocide and eternal expansion.

Q: So, in your opinion, how do you think this situation will end up?

Shakespeare: Well, these talks will get nowhere.

There are two possibilities: If Israel for example attacks Iran and then fires a missile on an American ship and puts the whole Middle East into war, then all sorts of things will happen and a lot of American friends will get overthrown and at some point maybe even the Americans will wake up that supporting Israel expanding into everybody else’s lands is not in their long term interests.

There is one other aspect of this, which is never talked about – Israel has six dolphin submarines with nuclear missiles. And its policy is quite simple – anybody upsets us and we will go down and put a nuclear missile on London, Paris, New York or Washington.

The day has to come when the USA simply identifies those submarines, wipes them out and then says, Israel you will now obey the law, which is back to the 1967 borders.

But that is not going to happen until at least some point when the Middle East is thrown into further turmoil because the truth is the USA like Europe is controlled by the Zionist interests.

And in respect of John Kerry they probably blackmailed him – that man’s got no dignity now. He has no right to claim to be an honest broker. He is an obvious Zionist selling out the Palestinians as the Europeans are.

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