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US former and current presidents have joined hands to ruin whatever left of US reputation

Speaking at this meeting, Imam Khamenei described that astonishing pledge of allegiance as a turning point. He stressed that the reason that great, determining movement has become eternal and remained influential is the true narration of that event using artistic methods. He went on to say, “Today too, confronting the enemy’s aggression aimed at distorting the realities, achievements and glorious feats of the Islamic Republic requires a defensive move and an offensive based on the urgent, definite need to clarify.”

At the beginning of his statements, Imam Khamenei referred to the small number of participants due to the new outbreak of Coronavirus and said, “I have always observed the health protocols and the recommendations of the physicians, and I insist on wearing a mask. A few months ago, I received the third dose of the vaccine as well.”

He recommended that people listen to what the experts say in this regard.

Referring to the historic move of the Air Force, the Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Armed Forces stated, “Although the current generation of the Air Force was not present on that day, all those who are working in the Air Force in a dutiful manner have a share in the honor achieved on that day. Because that move was actually a pledge of allegiance to the ideals and that holy struggle under the authoritative command of Imam [Khomeini] (may God bestow paradise on him). Therefore, that spiritual movement is continuing at the present time as well, and all those who move on the path of those ideals are sharing in it.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed that an important feature of that very influential movement was the Air Force officer’s knowledge about the needs of the time and that the accomplishment of that very intelligent move was the result of insight, “That movement also showed that the calculations of the US and the sinister Pahlavi regime were wrong, and they were dealt a blow from a place they never imagined.”

Imam Khamenei emphasized that the most important lesson to be taken from that historic event was, “If the forces in the camp of truth and Islam have an active, effective, hopeful participation in every field of endeavor – including military, scientific, research and other fields – and if they show no fear of the superficial power and splendor of the other side, then the enemy’s calculations will definitely turn out to be wrong because this is God’s inviolable promise.”

He added, “Today too, the Americans’ calculations have turned out to be wrong, and they are receiving a blow from a place they had never imagined before, from their own presidents – the current one and the previous one. They have joined hands to destroy with their actions whatever was left of the US’s reputation.”

The Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Armed Forces stated that the deep insight that existed in the Air Force originated from their close contact with the American advisors during the tyrannical regime because under that regime they were witness to these advisors dictatorial, immoral behavior. Furthermore, he stated, “The Americans’ presence in Iran’s Army was a sad story about which today’s young generation are not probably well-informed. One example of them was the frequent use of the Iranian army by the US and England for suppressing other innocent nations. This was one of the Pahlavi regime’s betrayals against the Iranian Army and the Iranian nation. It was also a crime against other nations.”

Stressing the significance of “the struggle for clarification,” the Leader described the photo that was published of the Air Force officers’ pledge of allegiance to Imam Khomeini as an instance of the effective use of clarification. He added, “The reason behind the perpetuality and influence of that historical, transforming event was the artistic photo that was published. This made the most of the limited media sources that existed in those days, and this shows the irreplaceable effect of a correct narration.”

Referring to the emergence of various media, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated that the definite policy of the anti-Islamic and anti-Iranian media is to distort the truth using professional lies. He explained this by saying, “In order to implement this policy, they attempt to decorate the ugly, corrupt face of the tyrannical regime and cover up its crimes. Worse, they even work to adorn the totally criminal nature of SAVAK. And on the other hand, by distorting the image of the Revolution and Imam Khomeini, they completely hide the achievements and positive aspects of the Revolution and magnify weak points by hundreds of times. Therefore, in the face of this aggression by the media, the struggle for clarification is a definite, urgent need.”

Imam Khamenei described the dictatorship of the media as being one of the various kinds of dictatorship practiced by the western powers despite their claims of freedom of speech. He stated that an example of this is their elimination of the name and any pictures of Martyr Soleimani from the internet. He emphasized that, “They put a ban on the publication of any word or picture that is contrary to the west’s policies. At the same time, they use that same environment to destroy Islam and the Islamic Republic.”

Referring to the enemy’s “hybrid warfare” against Iran – that is, economic, political, security, media and diplomatic aggression – Imam Khamenei said, “In the face of this hybrid and comprehensive aggression, we cannot remain in a position of defense forever. We too must be active in using a combination of forces in various areas including the media, security and economic areas. The intellectuals and especially the officials of the country have a duty to work in these areas.”

At the end of his statements, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated that the increasing achievements of the country, despite the wishes of ill-intentioned individuals, is a sign of a better future for the Iranian nation. He said, “In the same way that the Islamic Republic has moved forward powerfully over the past 43 years, and as it has become more powerful and deeply rooted day by day, this movement too, with God’s grace, will continue even better in the future than it has in the past and the enemy will continue to fail.”

Referring to the arrival of the blessed month of Rajab, Imam Khamenei urged the people and in particular the youth to benefit from the divine, spiritual blessings of this month.

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