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US House passes another anti-Iran bill

The US House of Representatives has approved a ‘defense bill’ that includes new anti-Iran sanctions, another almost USD500 million for the Israeli regime’s missile systems and approximately USD89 billion for its war in Afghanistan.

The anti-Iran sanctions portion of the 633-billion-dollar legislation targets Iran’s energy, shipping and ship-building industries as well as its sea ports.

The fresh measure further seeks to enforce sanctions on the Islamic Republic broadcasting networks.

US lawmakers reportedly approved the so-called defense bill, which also authorizes USD480 million for the Israeli regime’s missile system, with a vote of 315 in favor and 107 against.

Moreover, the bill allocates USD88.5 billion for the US-led war effort in war-torn nation of Afghanistan, despite the Obama administration’s announced plans to drawdown its forces in the Asian country.

The fiscal measure further earmarks another USD17 billion for American nuclear program.

The legislation is now awaiting approval by the US Senate before being signed into law by President Barack Obama.

White House, however, has threatened to veto measure, forcing it back to Congress for revisions and revote.

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