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US implements paradoxical foreign policy on al-Qaeda: Report

A new report says despite Washington’s apparent hostility toward al-Qaeda, the US uses the radical group as its lap dog to stir unrest where its interests call.

Terror operations and official documents show that the extremist al-Qaeda organization is collaborating with militant groups fighting against the Syrian government with the support of the US and its allies, according to the report.

This is while US President Barack Obama has placed the fight against terrorism as one of the main goals of his second presidential term.

During the past century, US presidents have faced more difficulties and more disappointments in their second terms, being more vulnerable to scandals.

Meanwhile, Obama’s foreign policy is strongly based on supporting militant groups, who are portraying al-Qaeda. It’s quite clear that Obama’s second term in office is very susceptible, as the president has outdone all of his predecessors in using terrorist groups.

The Obama administration has welcomed al-Qaeda militants by giving them transport and logistical support, weapons and financial assistance and even diplomatic assistance of the Pentagon and the state department.

This apparent contradiction in the US foreign policy, which was formed in early 2011, is now reaching a critical stage.

As for the al-Qaeda-controlled Libya, the September 11, 2012-attack that killed US Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi was mainly tasked by US presidential candidate Mitt Romney supporters in the Pentagon and the CIA, the report said.

The report added that the main responsibility of the US consulate in Benghazi was to maintain relations with the al-Qaeda organization in order to coordinate their transportation from Turkey to Syria, and any serious inquiry of the incident would have been a risk that have could exposed the ambassador’s relation with the terror group.

Recent actions taken by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton indicates that her knowledge on the Obama administration’s policy of cooperation with al-Qaeda is to an extent that she fears an exposure similar to the Watergate scandal.

According to the report, Clinton recently escaped scheduled testimony in the Senate on the Libya attack by faking illness, while Susan Rice lost her chance to take her position after attempts to hide the presence of al-Qaeda terrorists in Benghazi.

Obama’s solitary life could have caused him lots of problems during election campaigns for the second round of presidency. However, it did not happen.

For the moment, if he faces serious attacks, the fact that he does not have many companions in the Congress may become troublesome for him. As a result, Obama is under a lot of stress and continues excessive smoking.

If a political scandal leads to Obama’s failure, he might have an unpleasant encounter with the justices of the US Supreme Court. One of the possible targets would be Michelle Obama, the US president’s wife, who is widely known for flagrantly spending taxpayers’ money on herself, her daughters and friends.

The role of Oliver North in the so-called Iran-Contra scandal might in the near future trouble other US officials, including Obama’s chief counterterrorism advisor, John O. Brennan, and the National Security Advisor in the Obama Administration, Thomas E. Donilon.

Robert S. Ford, a senior official of the US Department of State who follows John Negroponte’s school of asymmetric warfare, may also fall into a scandal trap.

Hilary Clinton was also targeted by a reactionary and radical group, including Theodor Olson, a federal judge, Clarence Thomas, an associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Laurence Silberman, a senior federal judge on the United States Court of Appeals, and Robert Bork, a former attorney general.

Obama should be reminded that his attack on public security rights and plans may lead to the fatal attenuation of the support that he would have received from the Congress in case of other possible scandals in the future.

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