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US, Israel and UK, main supporters of terror moves

In a message on the seventh day of the martyrdom of a number of Zahedan faithful people in the terrorist blast of this city’s grand mosque, the Islamic Ummah and Opressed People Leader, Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei ordered all responsible organs in the three branches of government to confront with the enemies of the country’s unity and security decisively and seriously and punish them.

“In this bloody incident, the guilty and criminal hands of fanatic Wahhabis with the support and sedition of alien spying organizations have brought sorrow to hearts and families illuminated by the light of love for the Prophet’s household,” the IR Leader said.

“The blind, ignorant and killer fanatics have submitted their deviant hearts and dark inside to corrupt powers that have repeatedly showed their enmity with Islam and Muslims. Their enmity with the Islamic Republic of Iran is because of the hoisted flag of Islam in this country and its perpetual call for unity, strength and Islamic dignity,” Imam Ali Khamenei added.

“One of the enemies’ goals in this incident and other similar incidents is sewing discord among Muslims. The Islamic Republic of Iran which has been for decades the largest and most reliable supporter of the oppressed Muslims in Gaza, Palestine, Afghanistan, Kashmir and other Islamic areas is now the target of this wicked conspiracy by the spying agencies of America, the Zionist regime and England so that according to their imagination, it becomes the victim of religious sedition and Shiite-Sunni conflict. While the Sunnis in Islamic Iran like their Shiite brothers have repeatedly proved their loyalty to this Islamic system,” IR Leader continued.

“In our region, the creation and growth of the wild and blind terrorism is basically the result of the wicked policy of America and England and their government and non-government hirelings and it is a duty for all Muslims to confront and fight this inauspicious offspring which is the clear example of corruption on earth and fighting with God,” Imam Ali Khamenei said.

IR Leader called on Shiite and Sunni intellectuals in all Islamic and Arab countries to explain the enemies’ filthy goals for creating and strengthening sectarian terrorism to everybody and warn them against the great danger of religious seditions which are the great hopes of the enemies of Islam.

“The Islamic Republic will not let the hands of global arrogance sow discord among Muslim brothers under the name of Wahhabism,” Imam Ali Khamenei warned.

IR Leader also called on pure and faithful people to keep their tranquility and insight, avoid any uncontrolled move and help the country’s officials in fulfilling their duties.

Imam Ali Khamenei hailed the martyrs’ souls of Zahedan bloody incident who were killed on the birth anniversary of Imam Hossein (P.B.U.H.), expressing his sympathy with their respected families.

IR Leader prayed to Almighty God to grant patience, peace and divine reward to their families and fast recovery to the oppressed survivors of the incident.

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