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US, israel ‘biggest nuclear outlaws’: Scholar


The Unites States has “led the world” in the use and development of nuclear weapons, an American scholar and journalist in Wisconsin says.

The US and Israel “are the world’s two biggest nuclear outlaws” said Dr. Kevin Barrett, one of America’s best-known critics of the “War on Terror.”

Dr. Barrett said that “the United States could easily end the Israeli nuclear menace overnight simply by cutting off aid and setting an embargo on Israel,” and “use its immense leverage in international affairs to help end the stockpiling of nuclear weapons worldwide.”

“That is not going to happen,” he noted, “because the United States is controlled by the forces of evil—the international banksters and other special interest groups.”

“We Americans have a special duty and responsibility to overthrow this rogue new-world-order regime that’s capturing our government and then lead the way to a planet without nuclear weapons,” he stated.

In November, outgoing US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel vowed to invest billions of dollars over the next five years to overhaul the country’s nuclear weapons arsenal.

Last month, the US Congress approved a massive military spending bill worth more than half a trillion dollars.

The bill authorizes $18 billion for the US Department of Energy to work on the country’s nuclear weapons arsenal.

“The Unites States has led the world in the development of nuclear weapons and it’s also the only country that has ever used nuclear weapons,” Dr. Barrett said.

“Although there are reports that there may have been some miniature nuclear weapons involved in false flag terrorist incidents and that’s generally attributed to Israel,” he continued.

“If that’s true, then there are only two countries in the world that have used nuclear weapons and that would by the United States and Israel,” the analyst said.

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