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US may go for Guaido murder plot to fabricate pretext for war on Venezuela: Analyst

An analyst warns about the “dangerous” repercussions of US attempts to topple Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, saying Washington could exhaust all means at its disposal to achieve that goal — including a false-flag murder plot targeting opposition leader Juan Guaido — and prevent another “humiliating defeat” in its regime change policy for the Latin American state.

In an interview with Press TV on Sunday, Jim W. Dean, managing editor of the Veterans Today, highlighted Washington’s failure in its coup attempt against Maduro and said the US will face a “humiliating defeat” if it fails to bring the Venezuelan president down.

“This makes it very dangerous, because in the end they will get desperate to do it by any means possible and that means a big fat false flag,” which could see Washington assassinate Guaido and point the finger at Maduro in an attempt to fabricate a pretext for a military intervention in Venezuela, said the analyst, citing media analysis.

In the case of Venezuela, Dean said, the US administration has been telling “huge lies” to the American people.

He added that Washington has been attempting to put the blame for Venezuela’s woes on the Maduro government, while everybody knows that the American sanctions are the main cause of the country’s economic hardship.

“And this is why Maduro’s supporters are going to stick with him because they know the whole thing is a fraud,” he said, referring to the Venezuelan army’s steadfast support for the legitimate government against Guaido’s US-backed coup bid.

Although the US enjoys support from its allies, there are a large number of countries, especially Third World states, which “know what’s going on,” he added.

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