US military casualties continue in Afghanistan


There are now about 33,000 American troops based in Afghanistan. Washington has been locked in a dispute with Kabul over a security pact which will determine the future of America’s military presence in Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, the U-S military has suffered further casualties. Three American soldiers were killed on Friday in a motorbike bombing in Helmand. Analysts believe their deaths must have scared those who are leading efforts to keep U-S boots here beyond a 2014 deadline. NATO forces remain vulnerable mostly to roadside bombings. It is the Taliban’s main weapon. Over 35-hundred US service members lost their lives here since the war began well over a decade ago. But what went wrong? Why does the Taliban’ resolve remain unbroken? The U-S military campaign which has resulted in a high number of civilian casualties has fueled the flames of militancy. Taliban also continue with their indiscriminate attacks . A trend that seems beyond control now! 2014 is a very crucial year for both Afghan and American troops. Afghan forces are expected to take the lead of all military operations by the end of this year. U-S forces could have an advisory role. Despite this, it is too hard for many here to predict a big change in the security situation in Afghanistan.

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