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‘US occupation of Iraq has not ended’


An American political analyst says the US occupation of Iraq has not ended as a US lawmaker has called for yet another war in the Middle Eastern country.

As Iraqi government forces, supported by Sunni tribesmen, are battling al-Qaeda-linked militants in the Western Anbar province, Republican Congressman Mike Coffman has indicated on a radio show that he wants to see US combat troops back in Iraq.

“The US occupation of Iraq has not entirely ended and I don’t know if it’s ever intended to end. The story that we’re told is that the US invaded Iraq because Iraq was full of weapons of mass destruction and they might be used by the regime of Saddam Hussein. That all turned out to be untrue,” said Dr. Kevin Barret, an editor at Veterans Today, in a phone interview with Press TV on Thursday.

While Congressman Coffman called for another war in Iraq, other members of Congress said Washington should increase arms shipments to Iraq and step up its military support for the country as they described the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a terrorist group with links to al-Qaeda, as “an army.”

“The question we really need to ask is ‘Was the US invasion of Iraq ever really intended to stabilize Iraq or perhaps it’s actually intended to keep Iraq unstable and weak forever?’ I think that the American Zionists behind 9/11 were the main force in pushing for the attack on Iraq,” said Barret.

“As Iraq remains unstable, I believe the US and other forces are playing both sides, supporting both al-Qaeda-linked terrorists, tribal militias, and the government in order to stir up dissension and destabilize the country. I’m afraid that’s likely to continue for a long time until Iraqis wake up and realize that outside forces are destabilizing their country. They need to reunite to kick out those outside forces,” he concluded.

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