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US plane makes emergency landing in Iranian city of Ahvaz

fathi20121230093450603A small commercial US plane has made an emergency landing in the southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz after facing technical problems, an Iranian official says.

The plane landed in Ahvaz airport some 20 days ago, managing director of Iran’s airports, Mahmoud Rasoulinejad said on Sunday.

“The 3-member plane faced technical problems while passing over Iran’s airspace and this is the reason that the airport permitted it to make a landing,” he added.

He noted that after landing, the plane’s crew travelled on to their destination in the Persian Gulf countries and the airplane is currently being repaired in Ahvaz airport.

Meanwhile, deputy governor general of Khuzestan Province Alireza Sheikh Rabat told Fars news agency that the US plane was travelling from Dubai to the Netherlands and asked permission for an emergency landing following technical problems.

He added that the crew have been transferred to their destination in coordination with the Swiss Embassy, which represents the US interests in Iran.

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