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US releases some $8b of Iran’s blocked assets

df35b3fe26281c4be629da11db2af98d_LFormer head of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce Alinaqi Khamoushi announced Sunday the US has released some eight billion dollars of Iran’s frozen assets Sunday morning.

Speaking to IRNA, he said the nuclear agreement reached between Iran and the 5+1 group in Geneva this morning, is an opening up of Iran’s economic relations with the world countries.
Khamoushi added “The agreement will open a new path towards Iran.”
Resolving Iran’s nuclear dispute with the West would “gradually help promote Iran’s trade relations with the European states and even with the US.” He hoped that the process would continue in the future.
He added “If the confidence-building measures properly progress by both sides, then it would also help promote Iran’s ties with the US.”

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