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US self-destruction only matter of time: Analyst

A political analyst says it is only a matter of time before the US “destroys itself” as Washington continues to inflict the same misery on its own people as it has so far exported.

“I have no faith in the US and its foreign policy. Its foreign policy abuses, crimes and tyrannies are being mirrored in its domestic policy, criminal justice system, tax code, and failure to abide by the US Constitution,” Joseph Zrnchik wrote on the Press TV website.

“I can’t say we, as Americans, don’t deserve retribution for our ignorance and apathy.”

“We are as responsible for what our government does as any other nation is for its government, at least this is what our government says as it bombs and kills civilians by the scores, especially in countries with no navy, army or air force.”

Zrnchik said the success of American propaganda is in keeping the top 20 percent of the population “misinformed” as the other 80 percent are enamored by sports, celebrity, political divisiveness, and the numerous other “distractions” that keep people from understanding the plans and actions of the power elite.

The erosion of the US domestic tranquility comes as “a natural by-product of engaging in international lawlessness,” he added.

Zrnchik said Americans have not yet realized that you cannot be a nation of laws domestically while engaging in “a global crime spree abroad” that includes illegal invasions, violations of international law with regard to the Geneva Convention and human rights and the use of torture and murder as the cornerstones of foreign policy.

“To see a vulgar display of US duplicity and hypocrisy one needs to look no farther than the US violating the Geneva Convention with respect to perpetrating regime change, waging aggressive war(s), engaging in torture and murder, conducting extraordinary renditions and providing support for terrorist organizations like the MEK [MKO], PPK, Jundullah and now al-Qaeda in Syria.”

“This is the method the US uses to ensure its way of life. The US has a long history of enlisting terrorist support in the implementation of a terrorist foreign policy, and this policy is causing more and more nations to realize they do not need the US to engage in mutually beneficial trade, cultural exchange or military agreements as such are growing to the exclusion of US interests and influence.”

The BRICS nations (group of emerging economic powers, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), Latin America and even Iraq are engaging in cooperation with their neighbors “much to the dismay” of the power structures within the US establishment, he said.

The analyst said it is in such an environment the US then begins to pit tribes, ethnic groups, religious groups and political groups against each other.

“This is the tried and true method of conducting imperial conquest. Sell weapons to one group so the other will need more. Since the US does not make much else in the way of consumer goods, it has to rely on the business of mass slaughter.”

He noted that for every international law the US has broken, it feels its “rationalizations” provide it absolute justification.

“If Americans went in front of a US court using the logic and arguments the US government uses to excuse its murder, they would be given the electric chair within a fortnight,” he concluded.

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