US Should Look to Popular Mobilization Units as Official Power: Commander



The head of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization forces (PMF), Hadi al-Ameri said that the powerful group will have major role in liberating Mosul from the Takfiri insurgency.

In an interview with Financial Times, Ameri said that the “United States should look to the Popular Mobilization units (also known as Hash Saabi) as an official power.”

“Despite objections by the US-led coalition, PMF will take part in battle of retaking Mosul.”

Meanwhile, Ameri said the PMF will not enter Mosul but will work on a strategy to isolate the city in a bid to help the Iraqi army from getting into the city which is controlled by Takfiri group, ISIL.

Ameri, who leads Badr group (which is part of the PMF), said that the “European states and US don’t trust the PMF because they are Shia,” noting that “they consider ISIL terrorists ‘fighters’ while they describe PMF fighters ‘militia’.”

Source: Al Manar TV

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