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US State Senator: Turkey wants to annex northern Syria


Richard Hayden Black, a Republican member of the Virginia state Senate has said that Turkey wants “to absorb northern Syria into the greater Turkey” to control water and oil resources.

In speaking with PressTV on Tuesday, the senator said that Turkey uses terror groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda to establish Turkish control over northern Syria.

“The group ISIS is sort of a tool of Turkey, of the United States, [and] of all of these groups (US allies). They don’t want [Syria] to eventually survive, because Erdogan sees himself as the head of a vast caliphate, [and] as [the head of] a resurgent Ottoman Empire that stretches from Europe onto China,” he said.

“Turkey has been the greatest ally of the ISIS throughout most of the six-year war” in Syria, he said.

He then highlighted how ISIS had 2,000 oil tankers carrying oil stolen from Syria to be sold in Turkey.

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