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US supports Turkey’s presence in northwestern Syria: envoy

The Special Envoy for the United States to Syria, James Jeffrey, reiterated his country’s strong support for a ceasefire in the Syrian governorate of Idlib, as well as Turkish military operations there.

“We strongly support Turkish military action. We also strongly support the ceasefire,” Jeffrey said during an online conference with the Atlantic Council.

He added: “We hope to see the Turks continue to put pressure on terrorist organizations there. There was some exchange of fire, and there was also some pressure on them. We hope that this will continue.”

Russia, Turkey and Iran are the guarantors of the ceasefire in the ongoing conflict in Syria.

Moscow and Ankara have conducted joint military patrols in the region several times since March, completing their 7th one on Wednesday.

However, while the U.S. supports the Turkish presence, the Syrian government has repeatedly demanded that both Washington and Ankara immediately withdraw their forces from the country.

The U.S. and Turkey maintain that they are in Syria to combat terrorists, with Washington adding that they are openly taking the country’s oil.

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