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US to use ‘suffering’ as terrorist weapon in Syria: J. W. Dean


Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, managing editor of Veteran’s Today, Atlanta about the Geneva II talks over Syria and the true intentions of the West in the talks.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: The conference in Geneva called Geneva II proved one thing and that was how far apart the two sides are on the major issues.

One of the things discussed here is a review of the Geneva communique and of course the red line it seems like the so-called divided opposition is pushing for and that is Assad’s departure.

Do you think that that is a viable solution for either side to come for the second round of the talks?

Dean: Absolutely not. The strategy here was they pulled a hoax on the entire world. They went ahead to have this conference just to have it. They had no intention of resolving anything. They knew that pre-conditions of having Assad step down… when obviously they’ve stabilized the situation.

Everybody knows that the insurgents don’t have the power to take over. And they haven’t been able to collapse the Syrian army by basically having them change sides.

So, it’s a dead end.

The US lost some esteem here because they went into this typically like the Israelis had been doing with the Palestinian peace talks; they have absolutely no intentions of resolving anything.

They want the talks to go on forever and we’ll be here a hundred years from now talking about Palestinian peace talks.

So I think now what their strategy is, the millions of Syrian people who are suffering living as refugees, particularly the traumatizing that’s happening with the children, they think that after time that is just going to collapse the Syrian people’s will to support Assad and they will be willing to do anything to get anybody in there just to stop it.

I think it’s a new type of terrorism where, not the guys running around on the ground, but you have governments decided that they’re going to hold millions of people hostage under horrible conditions and that that’s going to work to their advantage.

It’s just a horrible situation and makes someone embarrassed to be an American and see their government actually doing this.

Press TV: This might be a tough one, but what would you do in order to solve this crisis regarding any type of talks to be held between the so-called divided opposition at this point and the Syrian government?

Dean: It’s very simple. Assad has always posed the correct decision is that if the people want a change in government, let’s have a vote and let’s let the people change the government.

And we have this crazy situation where the Western democracies are going oh no, we can’t do that. We want to impose a puppet regime because that’s our whole new game plan to go around and replace regimes that we don’t like and we’re able to use this terrorist weapon.

So it’s a very scary thing to not only see it being done, but there hasn’t been enough opposition to it here.

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