US transfers detainees out of secret military prison in Afghanistan

19a11e61ed0e6c861a482a2b26adfca4_LPresident Obama informed Congress on Thursday that a dozen detainees (a Frenchman, a Kuwaiti, and 10 Pakistanis) have been repatriated to their respective home countries from a small US-run military prison in Afghanistan, a US defense official said, Reuters reports.

Now only 38 non-Afghan prisoners remain at the prison, down from about 50 only a few months ago.
The step is a small one in the administration’s goal of shutting down its military detention facilities of Parwan in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.
US officials transferred hundreds of Afghan detainees into the custody of the Afghan government last year. Some of the prisoners who remain at Parwan, along with some of the 150 detainees at Gitmo, are considered too dangerous to repatriate, but many have never been charged with a crime.
The release comes on the heels of intense backlash against the Obama administration’s decision to trade five Taliban prisoners from Gitmo for the return of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who had been held by Taliban-linked militants in Pakistan since 2009. Russia Today

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