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US trying to demonstrate Hezbollah as a threat to Lebanon: Nasrallah

The Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement Hassan Nasrallah warned of US plots for Lebanon and for the region.

Addressing the Lebanese people on Friday about the latest developments in the country, he said “I call on the Lebanese to be conscious and not have trust in US promises and claims.”

“US is extorting the Lebanese people by putting them in front of two choices either surrender to its goals or financial collapse,” Almanar quoted him as saying.

Israel knows that if Hezbollah wants to take the role of the government it would have taken action against its violation of the wall-building on the border and the violation in the sea, he said.

“US is trying to show Hezbollah as a threat to Lebanon,” he said, adding that Washington “is defending its own interests and Israel’s interests not the interests of the Lebanese people.”

He highlighted blunt US intervention in any reformation calls as attempts to implement its own agenda.

Elsewhere, he added that “Many media outlets, specifically Gulf ones were claiming that Hezbollah and Amal movement members are attacking here and there. I assure you that this is false and our leaderships have not taken any decision to take action against any offenses.”

“I call people to have more patience because hopefully, we are getting close to a solution,” said the Hezbollah leader. “In front of the current economic crisis, a one-color government cannot do its job because it will not be allowed to take firm decisions to help improve the situation.”

He went on to say that concerning the Lebanese government’s resignation, some people in the protests considered this was a victory but in contrast, it was the reason behind the deteriorated situation we have reached because there is no government to form any reformation.

Nasrallah also touched upon a remark attributed to an IRGC commander, noting, “We contacted our Lebanese allies and they assured that the statement about ‘defending Iran from the Lebanese territories’ is fabricated and no Iranian official said that. They even issued a statement clarifying that.”

He highlighted that if Iran is attacked by Israelis or Americans, Iran is the country that will give the response.

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