‘US, UK back Al Khalifa killing machine’


In an interview with Press TV, Ali Al Fayez, a Bahraini activist in London, shares his thoughts regarding the ongoing crackdown by Bahraini regime forces against protesters.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Ali Al Fayez, the United States in particular has been criticized for the past at least few years for not doing enough for the case of the opposition in Bahrain but at the same time, we see the US along with some other Western countries like the UK who are known to sell arms most recently the US to these Persian Gulf countries. Isn’t that in a way emphasizing indirectly their support for these regimes such as the one in Bahrain?

Al Fayez: Thank you for inviting me. I think it is not indirect; it is a direct support and coverage for the Al Khalifa regime in Bahrain. The United States and United Kingdom are not only supplying weapons and supplying security know-how to the government of Al Khalifa and the regime of Al Khalifa.

But they are providing them with the political coverage everywhere and they are stopping the Bahraini people to put any kind of cases in, for instance, the International Court or in Geneva. Today, Bahraini regime is standing and still continuing this killing machine because it is enjoying the support from particularly the United States and United Kingdom.

Press TV: If you were to look at the US’ importance of this country, this Persian Gulf country Bahrain, the fingers are pointing at their Fifth Fleet. How much of the factor does the Fifth Fleet play in terms of the US looking the other way when it comes to Bahrain?

Al Fayez: I think the Fifth Fleet is one of the factors that play a big role in supporting the Al Khalifa regime but that is not the only factor. Americans have built up their allies in the [Persian] Gulf based on their problem with the Iranian revolution after it became real on the ground in 1979-1980 and that is why they established the [P]GCC, ([Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council,) to counterpart the Iranian revolution for a change.

Americans have built up their allies based on that and not based on the people and what the people want in the [Persian] Gulf states and that is why today they are kind of reviewing their policy and that is why they want to open up a dialogue with the Iranians.

Saudi Arabia is not happy with that but the Americans have only part for their… to continue their existence and to protect their interests is to have a dialogue with the Iranians. We believe these allies are not allies but rather the [stuff] to deliver what is needed to be done by the Americans and the United Kingdom government.

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