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US warned ISIL militants before airstrikes to help them survive


ISIL militants received warning before the US Air Force began conducting airstrikes against their hideouts in Syria, said American author Stephen Lendman.

The terrorists were given “warning that the American attacks were coming so they could easily disperse to various areas and stay out of harm’s way,” Lendman told Press TV on Thursday.

He said civilians were killed and their homes were destroyed in the air raids instead. “Mostly civilians were killed; civilian infrastructures were targeted and destroyed”.

US fighter jets bombarded ISIL-controlled oil refineries and fields in Syria, killing 19 people overnight and early Thursday. Five civilians were among the casualties, including women and children.

Lendman said that President Barack Obama has hidden the truth about the ISIL terrorists and how the US benefits from them.

“He didn’t tell the most important story the people need to know; ISIL is a valued US ally,” he pointed out. “US Special Forces and CIA operatives train its fighters at special centers set up to do it in Jordan.”

The analyst also said the US is trying to replace the Syrian government with a “stooge government.”

President Barack Obama’s “idea is to replace its (Syria) sovereign independence with a pro-western stooge government, the same policy that America pursued in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya, he (Obama) wants to the same thing to Syria,” Lendman stated.

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