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US will regret any insane move

A senior Iranian military official says the country’s military might has reached a high point and the US would regret taking any ‘insane move’ against the Islamic Republic.

“Any insane move will bring the US nothing but regret and they will get our final response in the scene of action,” Brig. Gen. Mohammad-Hassan Baqeri, a deputy commander of Iran’s Ground Forces, said in comments about the recent remarks of US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen.

Mullen said last week that the US military had a plan to attack Iran, although he thought a strike was probably a bad idea.

Baqeri noted that the US supported former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein during the war Iraq imposed on Iran from 1980 to 1988 and the experience has shown that it will achieve nothing but defeat if it takes a military action against Iran.

“Iran’s defense readiness, three or four decades ago, was not at the level that it is today,” the Iranian general said.

“Today, Iran’s Ground Forces are at a high level (of readiness), both from the training and military hardware aspects,” IRNA quoted Baqeri as saying on Wednesday.

Iran’s Ground Forces have combined their past experiences and indigenous tactics and techniques tailored for any future wars and have reached a high point in their preparedness, he stated.

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