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US wooing East Europe for war on humanity: Analyst


The US government has been courting East European countries in a bid to go ahead with its project of waging war on humanity, an analyst tells Press TV.

“It’s typical of [President Barack] Obama and US foreign policy. Literally, America is waging war on humanity,” Stephen Lendman told Press TV in an interview.

During a visit to Poland on Tuesday, Obama said he will ask Congress for USD 1 billion to bolster security for countries in East Europe.

Obama added that security in Europe is the “cornerstone of our own security and it is sacrosanct,” adding, “It is a commitment that is particularly important at this point in time.”

Lendman said, “America is strictly imperial, it’s hegemonic, it’s world dominance, it’s literally to control everything and this war on humanity is America’s bottom-line option, pressuring EU countries, other NATO countries to join in America’s imperial project.”

He added that the US desire for war is clear in a “disgusting” manner in Obama’s “speeches” and “body language.”

Lendman also said the US government is accustomed to justifying its own crimes by shifting the blame on others like the Ukrainian people and Russia.

“It blames the Kiev fascist government crimes on the people, the victims that they’re attacking. And this is what goes on over and over again,” he said.

The analyst added that Obama’s basic policy is to “continue this war of aggression and blame the victims for the crimes committed by Washington, the West and the putschists in Ukraine…. That’s the dirty game.”

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