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Vahidi to Iraqi Interior Minister: Safe Iraq Would Play Key Role in Region


Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmed Vahidi considered on Wednesday that a” safe and developed Iraq would play a key role in the regional and global developments.”

In a meeting with Iraqi Interior Minister Adnan Al-Assadi in Tehran, Vahidi added that “holding the G5+1 and Arab league conferences in Iraq is evidence to this fact.”

“We are pleased to see that Iraq had successfully surpassed the hard phases after it overcame a big part of its problems, besides that it empowered its military and security forces, which indicated the efficiency of local and regional security,” the Iranian official further stated, highlighted the “improvement on security and stability levels Iraq after the US forces’ pullout.”

Vahidi reassured that “regional crises could be settled through the regional countries’ collective cooperation,” adding that these countries should “employ their capacities sincerely, disregarding national, religious, or even economic considerations, in the interest of security and stability in Iraq.”

Moreover, he pointed out that “the lack of security and stability in Iraq would also affect Iraq’s neighbors and the region.”

Tackling the Syrian situation, Vahidi indicated that “weakening and destroying the resistance front, and permitting the Zionist regime to dominate the region, is one of the major goals behind the Syrian crisis.”

“The biggest winner from the Syrian crisis is the Zionist entity, and Islamic countries, specifically the regional ones, should cooperate to put end to it.”

For his part, Assadi stressed his country’ desire for developing Iran and Iraq’s bilateral relations, showing respect to the Islamic Republic’s “progress in the scientific, technical, and other fields”.

The Iraqi interior minister hoped for further cooperation between the two neighboring countries in promoting security and stability in Iraq.

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