‘Velayat 91 Drill has message of Peace, friendship’

40f3203abc31cf676302c5af5ddfb7c0_LSpokesman of ‘Velayat 91’ Naval Drills said in city of Bandar Abbas on Friday said despite enemies’ propagations, the message of these drills for our country’s neighbors is a message of peace and friendship.

The spokesman of the highly expertise ‘Velayat 91’ Naval Drills made the comments in interview with the dispatched IRNA reporter on the sidelines of the 1st day of the drills, adding, “The main objective of holding these drills in addition to maintaining the defense readiness of the Iran’s Navy for confronting any possible threat of the enemy is sending the message of peace and friendship for the regional countries, including to our neighbors.’
Admiral Amir Rastegari added, “In Phase One of the ‘Velayat 91’ Naval Drills the supposedly invading forces’ warships (orange color), including the heavy surface vessels and their submarines, after penetration into the entrance passages and aiming to invade the Iranian mainland, face the Iranian forces (blue color) as they were approaching the Sea of Oman and the Persian Gulf waters, but they had ignored the fact that the Iranian forces relying on their precise information and second by second navigation had been fully aware of their movements.’
Admiral Rastegari pointing out that the Iranian forces appropriate with the movements of the invading forces resort to and implement modern and innovative tactics, reiterating, “The 23rd Fleet of Iran’s Navy, comprised of Jamaran Destroyer and the Bushehr helicopter carrier, which are on a foreign mission patrolling the Bab el-Mandab Strait and the surrounding free waters of that strait monitor the entire movements and acts of the invading force and dispatch the related information to the naval drills’ headquarters.’
He added, “This naval drill is held at the Strait of Hormuz, the Oman Sea, and north of the Indian Ocean up to 18 degrees north, at an area which is over one million square kilometers vast for a tend day period.”

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