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Venezuela ready to accept Vatican mediation to resolve unrest

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This week, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro spoke about the possibility of including The Vatican in the international mediation process. The mediation efforts are aimed at bringing the Venezuelan government and the opposition to a peaceful dialog in order to put an end to the brutal clashes that have caused dozens of fatalities.
Pope Francis himself has recently expressed his interest in providing peace mediation in venezuelan unrest. Through a speech named as Pope Francis’ Appeal for Venezuela broadcasted on a Vatican Radio, the religious leader said, “I am following with particular concern what is happening these days in Venezuela. I sincerely hope that violence and hostility will cease as soon as possible”. Although The Vatican might mediate, some claim that clashes won’t stop until Maduro meets the opposition’s demands. However…Socialists believe that this punishment is clearly established in the Constitution. Whether or not, the Vatican mediation can help both blocs to finally sit around the negotiation table; most venezuelans believe there is no better way than dialog and mediation to find a solution for the political violence that has rocked this nation over the past weeks.

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